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COMING SOON...!!! New Lots Of Elephant Statues Hand Carved from Teak Wood from Rajasthan

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COMING SOON...!!!! New Lots Of Elephant Statues from Rajasthan,  India

Elephant Statues Hand Crafted by Traditional Artisans of Rajasthan India... 

Sizes: 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" in Carved from Teak Wood and  Brown Polished.

Size: 5"; Price  $24.80; Shipping Extra: $8.00;

Size: 6"; Price  $29.60; Shipping Extra: $8.00;

Size: 8"; Price  $61.20; Shipping Extra: $8.00;

Size: 10"; Price  $98.40; Shipping Extra: $16.00;

Size: 12"; Price  $124.00; Shipping Extra: $16.00

Style Trunk Down 

(Tusks are send loose in the Statue package for the customer to glue on to the elephant head.)

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